Thursday, July 12, 2007

1st blogger here!

That's because I started this one. Anyway, we're looking for new ideas out there. Software, gadgets, new systems, and mash-ups as well. Everyday you may see an opportunity to create something new, put two things together to make a 3rd thing that didn't exist before. Somewhere along the history everything that's not a rock or piece of wood was invented by someone. Even coffee, shoes, and clothing! Hope to hear from you soon.



mcarrieri said...

I have a product for solving one area of our global environmental impact: water bottles. My product is called Gaia's Tribute, and converts ordinary plastic water bottles into a self-watering container for plants. Over 1 billion water bottles go into landfills every year worldwide, and over 50 million each day in my home state of California.

Anyone can use them to grow new plants, and because of this re-use, the Gaia's Tribute containers do not go into landfills. They would instead be used to grow new plants/seedlings/trees, that could reverse global impact. As the bottles degrade over time, the compacting process begins, too. Also, there's an instant reversal and creation of carbon credits by the simple use of this product.

A very large potential for fundraising exists by use of the Gaia's Tribute containers. There is a great potential for distribution of this system 408.476.3750 or e-mail to

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mike Carrieri, CEO
Gaia's Tribute

mcarrieri said...

Idea #1

The Gaia's Tribute idea is not my first.

My first big idea is with my friend Mike Z., called Carzo. It deals with movie theaters, and gives them another way to bring in customers.

This is a new method, also to let movie patrons watch only what they came in for: the movie!

For anyone whose has interest or connections to the movie theater industry, please let me know!


mcarrieri said...

Idea #2:

I have an idea to create a video interview process/system. Using the vido Web medium to revolutionize corporate human resources! I call it ViewTube. (that's a hint at where I'm pitching the idea!).

Again let me know if anyone has contacts with the movie industry.


mcarrieri said...

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mcarrieri said...

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